Launching An Egyptian Chariot Biz

Yes, there's yet another launch going on.

Soon anyway.

Ya know what's tragic about it?

Nothing is going to change. None of it is going to be new. The ratio of winners to losers will remain the same.


Because there ain't no such thing as a step-by-step blueprint to online marketing success. Not the way most people want it anyway. There's just no way it can be done.

Ever notice how there's no guarantee of success with any of these systems?

It's because there can't be. Every last guru out there will say they can't be responsible for your results because they don't know if you're gonna follow instructions.

Or do the work.
Or be consistent.
Or whatever.

That's true. They can't. And there you have it. A built-in, airtight, rock-solid alibi when their system fails to produce the results you were looking for.

It's a fact that nobody can guarantee what level of success you'll reach with anything.

But let's just say for instance that you're gonna buy a franchise.

Same type of thing.

Except you can check out how many succeed and how many didn't and how many did very well. You'll never find that with the latest, greatest thing to hit the Internet since social media.

And that right there is the hidden in plain sight reason they can do whatever they want. Everyone knows there are no guarantees and if it don't work for you, it's because you failed, not the system.

Don't fall for it.

There are marketing principles that are basic and stand the test of time. You can use them combined with the Internet to build your business on a solid foundation.Yet you'll still need that foundation.

Here's where you can get it.

Pick a niche, get started, and follow solid business principles.

Yeah, you can make money online.

But only if you build your business like successful people have been building them since guys were selling chariots in Egypt.