Hey, how's it going? I'm talking to you from the bunker.

I'm back off of my weird trip. I bought some stuff on Ebay the other day.

The guy was a pro seller (whatever that is). He sent me this stuff in just a few days. It was absolutely awesome.

Exactly as advertised, very quick shipping. Here's the thing, as a marketer I notice stuff.

There was nothing in the package except for what I ordered.

No thank you note, no invoice, no letter, nothing. Just here's the product, here you go.

Don't get me wrong.

I was very satisfied with what I got and I tried it and it's awesome. All good.

But the thing is as a marketer I'm wondering why didn't you put a note in there? Why not... maybe it's something a little extra. Why not... here's what you can do in the future to get more. Maybe a subscription or something. It doesn't matter.

The bottom line of it is, you did such a great job on fulfillment and yet, as a direct marketer, did not realize you could put an add on or something, a ride along inside the package to increase sales in the future.

So to me as I look at it, things remain to be seen. I might get a postcard in the mail.

Here's the thing. This guy has got my snail mail shipping address. So he now has the capability, he can send me a letter or a postcard or information on sales, whatever he's got coming on in the future.

So, okay, drop the ball on including a ride along with the initial package. Absolutely awesome fulfillment and now remains to be seen.

Will he make any hay from the fact that he now owns my snail mail address?

I kinda doubt it because just the way that I'm looking at it. But when I look at what he's doing on Ebay, his pricing and his description and taking returns on a consumable product, that's... weird.

I mean, who's going to send it back, but still all good stuff.

The way you feel very comfortable buying from him and awesome fulfillment.

As a marketer though, always be thinking after you solve that initial challenge and you're doing business with someone, what can you do to add value and increase the value of this customer to you in the future?

Because you know, if they buy stuff from you, you're improving their life too. So it's a win for everybody.

That's what I'm thinking about today. I hope you're having a fantastic day wherever you are.

That's all I got. I'm out.