Thou Shalt Not Post Crap

In a world where “content” is King, posting crap will ruin you faster than putting sauce on a steak ruins your meal. Tonight I decided to brew a nice cup of tea. I like to … more

Use Your Brain

Here’s a post (and my reply) on Flakebook ™ The Post: A few months ago I made a list of so-called “Influencers” on social media and decided to check them out.  I was astonished at how … more

Frank the Pointer Sheep

I saw him practicing out in the field. I happened to be driving past this flock of sheep the other day. Most of the sheep were in a large group, except for this one particular … more

Persistence. A Bad Idea?

Some things really are impossible. Which makes persisting at attempting to achieve them a really bad idea. Ever bump up against your computer’s memory capacity? I have.As a matter of fact, it’s been a recurring … more


The Thug came back to The Vault today with a story to tell. Seems she was hauled into her supervisor’s office for not “meeting expected standards.” Specifically, she didn’t obtain the required percentage of email addresses … more