How A Deep Dive Into Transparency Kills Business

Cliches and buzzwords will kill your credibility. Nobody (except for those hopelessly out of touch) will believe anything you say if you use them.

For instance…

We're a results-oriented company.
No crap?
Well, that certainly seems like a good idea.
Most companies aren't seeking results. They just do whatever, whenever, and hope maybe sometimes things will do what they do.

Wow, you're really way ahead of the curve.
Deep dive.
360 campaign.
The list is endless and it keeps getting longer.

Most of these made-up terms don't refer to anything new.  They're like a weird sort of branding that some people believe will make them sound like they know what they're talking about – which is a clear indication they're clueless.

Take the word mindset.
It means paradigm.
In fact, the definition contains the word paradigm.

Paradigm is a word that's been used for thousands of years.  Yet some bonehead thought it would be cool to make up a new word and inflict it on humanity.

The worst part is that it's now so common you almost have to use it, because nobody understands what a paradigm is anymore.

Then there's transparency.
Oh how I hate this stupid way of referring to a person or business.
The proper word is integrity.

Having integrity is all the good stuff about what people mean when they say transparency, with none of the bad.

Integrity is doing what you say you'll do.

Transparency seems to mean sharing all your faults and mistakes.

Nobody cares about your faults and mistakes. They want to know what you're going to do about what went wrong.

They care about what you can help them do.

But what if you don't know how to let your ideal prospects know what you can do for them?

Here's a great place to start pouring a solid foundation to reach them.

You can build a solid marketing business online without all the buzzwords and cliches. In fact, you'll sound more like a real person if you do.

If you have to explain a word you're using, don't use it.

Clear language will get you better results in the long run.