Life And Work As One

You can find a lot of talk about work-life balance online.

Believe it or not, it's something I don't necessarily agree with.

To me, one's work should be almost invisible in their life.

It should be something you really love doing.Not so much that you'd do it for free.

That's just feel good bullshyte.

Because if you did your work for free, you'd have to find something else that makes you money. So of course you want to get paid.

In fact, the amount of money you make ethically is in direct proportion to the value you create in the world.

Striving for integration is a much better idea than balance.

Think of it like a cup of coffee. Or tea, if that's your bag.

Balance would be having a perfect amount of cream in a separate cup that perfectly balances the coffee.

Then the flavor would be just the way you like it. But you'll never taste it that way because you'll never be able to sip just the right amount from each cup to get that flavor you're after.

With integration, you pour the cream into the coffee. You can't tell where the coffee ends and the cream begins. But every sip has the perfect flavor.

Doesn't integration sound lie a much better objective than balance?

Integrate your business with your life. Love what you're doing so much that it's your favorite thing to do.

You'll find true happiness when you're paid for doing what you love doing most.

Get started today.

Because you never know how long you've got to make things happen.