Frank the Pointer Sheep

I saw him practicing out in the field.

I happened to be driving past this flock of sheep the other day. Most of the sheep were in a large group, except for this one particular sheep. He was standing off by himself, facing the empty field. And he looked just like a pointer.

You know, those dogs that point towards where the game is on a hunting trip?

Anyway, my mind came up with a conversation going on between the pointer sheep and another random sheep in the flock:

“Frank…Frank! What the heck are you doing?”
“Oh, hey Bob. I'm practicing.”
“Practicing? Practicing what?”
“I'm practicing being a pointer. I'm gonna go on hunting trips and point at game for hunters.”

“Frank, we've been over this before. You're a sheep. You hang around in the field eating grass until someone needs a sweater. Then you get sheared. That's what we do, Frank.”

“Well, I'm tired of that, Bob. So I'm practicing, and someday I'm gonna be a pointer.”
“You're crazy, Frank.”

“Maybe, but just you wait and see. Someday I'm gonna be a pointer.”

Besides the fact that I have a weird mind and a crazy sense of humor, what does this little anecdote have to do with marketing?

Maybe nothing.

But if you're like most people, you've heard from at least one well-meaning friend or family member that you should just stay in the box and forget about reaching for your dreams.

I think there's a better way to be.

Be like Frank the sheep who's gonna be a pointer.

Reach for your dreams.

You can find all the tools necessary to make your marketing dreams come true right here.

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