Launching An Egyptian Chariot Biz

Yes, there’s yet another launch going on. Soon anyway. Ya know what’s tragic about it? Nothing is going to change. None of it is going to be new. The ratio of winners to losers will … more

How To Be Overworked And Underpaid

Friend of mine owns a car shop. It seems like he has one job, but it’s not quite so. He’s got a million jobs. He needs to find out what’s wrong with the car, order … more

“Honey the car broke down!”

I’m on the road for business when I get a call from home. Car broke down. The suspension deflated and it looks like a low-rider. The pump was shot and the air bags wouldn’t inflate. … more

Tracking Down The Chappy Gremlin

I haven’t found that gremlin yet, but I will. The Chappy is a 1976 Yamaha Chappy scooter. As far as antiques go, it’s in pretty good shape. In fact, 2 years ago it was running … more